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Thanksgiving Dressing Recipe Ideas

Some say "dressing", others call it "stuffing", but we can all agree that it is delicious! These 10 recipes range from the traditional to the unique. From cornbread to croissants and brioche to bagels, there is something for everyone!

Moist & Savory Stuffing

This recipe is featured in our “Thanksgiving in 1 Hour” cooking video. Check it out to see how to prepare this classic stuffing along side a deep fried turkey with all the fixings!


Herbed Corn Bread Dressing

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, this vegetable side dish bread, suitable for diabetic food plans, is a low-fat, high fiber version of traditional dressings.


Gluten-Free Cornbread Dressing

Gluten-Free at Thanksgiving? It can be done with the help of Simple Sugar and Gluten-Free. This cornbread dressing is so moist and flavorful, your family won’t be able to tell the difference!


Croissant and Water Chestnut Stuffing

Croissants are toasted and crumbled to make this stuffing. Celery, red onion, water chestnuts are added for crunch, plus salt, pepper and sage to taste.


Holiday Brat Stuffing

Brats aren’t just for the grill! This recipe from Johnsonville brings your favorite sausage into an outstanding holiday dish.


Apple-Celery Stuffing

For many stuffing fans, the only reason for the turkey at Thanksgiving is to hold the stuffing. If you're a stuffing fanatic, don't wait for the holidays; make this apple-studded version any day of the year.


Homestyle Oyster Bagel Dressing

Monica Peters from "The Grits 'n Cheese Dish" shares her recipe for a classic oyster dressing with a twist. She uses pumpernickel and everything bagels!


Winter Squash and Brown Bread Stuffing

Old-fashioned brown bread adds a hint of sweetness to this butternut squash stuffing. It pairs perfectly with any Thanksgiving roast turkey.


Mushroom Stuffing

For some, the turkey plays second fiddle to the stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner. If one of those folks is at your table this year, treat them to this savory stuffing made with pumpernickel and French bread.


Sausage Brioche Dressing

Food Network’s Claire Robinson proves that you don’t need a bunch of ingredients to create a great dish. This dressing is a "5 Ingredient Fix" for your Thanksgiving menu!